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LEIT®-2ET Weather Based Wireless Controller

DIG's LEIT-2 system is much more than just a solar powered irrigation controller. It's an expandable, ambient light powered, wireless irrigation control system powered by DIG's exclusive photo-voltaic technology using an ambient light energy collection system. The technology allows the operator to remotely program up to 99 controllers with 198 valves, with one hand-held device.

LEIT-2ET system is programmed to monitor, control and adjust irrigation schedules for each zone through the data that is received by the weather station and site information that is received from the LEIT RC2ET handset. The LEIT-2ET epitomizes a true wireless control system. The system operates by using ambient light (solar) power that charges lead-free super capacitors, not batteries, making it one of the most environmentally friendly controllers on the market.

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