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Fittings & Accessories

DIG offers both compression and barb fittings to give you a secure and reliable connection. Our compression fittings are made of high impact material to ensure a positive connection and a long life. Utilizing spin weld technology, the ABS bodies are assembled with a polycarbonate insert welded into place. In addition to our compression fittings, DIG also provides a universal nut lock fitting line and a complete line of 16 and 17 mm insert fittings to be used with dripline or distribution tubing.

Our barbed fittings are designed for easy installation and secure connection without glue or clamps. DIG accessories include a full line of 1/4" connectors, 1/4" in-line shut-off valves, 1/4" and 1/2" stakes, shrub adapters, punches, goof plugs and PVC to poly inserts.

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